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12 Aprile 2010

Per risolvere il problema dello scarico della posta con mdemon pop3 connector seguite questa guida:

MultiPOP and Gmail

MDaemon has a feature called MultiPOP which, when enabled, will cause MDaemon to download all messages from one or more POP3 accounts and deliver them directly to a MDaemon user’s mailbox.

The dialog has simple hostname, username, password fields, plus options to leave mail on server or not. What isn’t obvious is how to support hosts like Gmail, which require SSL. As it turns out, MDaemon actually does support Gmail, and other SSL enabled POP3 hosts.

There are a number of ways to access the MultiPOP configuration for an account, through MDaemon’s account editor, through WorldClient or WebAdmin (both web options only being available if the user is allowed to use MultiPOP).

To set up MultiPOP to pull mail from a POP3 account which requires SSL, open the MultiPOP dialog, enter the hostname or POP3 server name followed by :995

:995 tells MDaemon to use port 995, and MDaemon automatically switches to SSL mode since SSL is required for port 995.

For Gmail, enter the hostname “″, the username which must include the @domain portion. For example, for, you need to enter the full address, not just “dave.warren”

For Gmail you should set MDaemon to delete mail from the server as Gmail doesn’t account honour this, instead Gmail allows you to control what happens to mail after it’s downloaded (Leave it in the Inbox, Archive it, Delete it)

Note that the instructions are the same for, and for other mailboxes hosted by Google, just use the appropriate email address in the username field.

One other thing to be aware of with Gmail in particular, Gmail doesn’t automatically enable POP3 access, you need to enable it by logging in to Gmail, going to Settings, then to the POP section and setting the appropriate option. If you choose to download all mail, Gmail only offers a few hundred messages at once, so if you are intending to download a massive Gmail mailbox into MDaemon, MDaemon will take some time as messages are downloaded in blocks of about 500 messages at a time.

UPDATE (2008/10/02): One other thing I forgot to mention, MDaemon must have SSL enabled. To enable SSL in MDaemon 10, go to the Security menu, choose Security, then go to “SSL & TLS” and enable the “Enable SSL…” option.